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Top 3 Best Pico Laser Malaysia

Best Pico Laser in Malaysia - Top 3

Are all Pico Second Laser (Pico Laser) the same?
Definitely NO.

Pico laser system is like a piece of wagyu steak. Its quality depends on where it is made and produced. Top graded wagyu coming from Japan, generally has better quality than wagyu provided elsewhere. Similarly, in the world of laser technology, European and American made systems are typically more superior compared to laser made elsewhere. A sound laser system ensures consistent laser energy output, hence ensure consistent effectiveness, safety, and comfort.

Here are the Top 3 Best Pico Laser System available in Malaysia.

Best Pico Laser in Malaysia - Top 3

1) Top 3 Best Pico Laser Treatment: DISCOVERY PICO - Italy

Among the Top and Best Pico Laser System worldwide, Discovery Pico Laser is manufactured by reputable Italian laser manufacturer, Quanta System. Standard Discovery Pico system comes with 1064nm and 532nm laser wavelength, as well as Ruby 694nm wavelength as an option. Discovery Pico Laser is the MOST POWERFUL Pico Laser in the market, with max peak power output of up to 1.8 Giga Watt. The combination of high peak power with ultrashort pulse duration of 450 picosecond for 1064nm wavelength and 370 picosecond for 532nm wavelength, makes Discovery Pico more powerful than any other Picosecond laser for medical applications. Discovery Pico is a complete pico laser that comes with normal and fractional hand pieces to treat various indication.

Directory: Clinic with Discovery Pico Laser 2020/2021:

Discovery Pico: KL / Selangor
Discovery Pico: Perak
Discovery Pico: Penang
Discovery Pico: Johor

2)Top 3 Best Pico Laser Treatment: PICOWAY - USA

Pioneer in picosecond laser, Picoway laser is made manufactured in the United State of America by Syneron Candela. Syneron Candela is a reputable medical laser system manufacturer with great reputation among medical practitioner for its reliability as well as stability. Picoway laser system comes with 3 laser wavelength, namely 1064nm, 785nm as well as 532nm. Picoway has a maximum peak power output of 0.8 Giga watt, while its pulse duration is 450 picosecond for 1064nm wavelength, 375 picosecond for 532nm wavelength and 300 picosecond for 785nm laser.   This configuration allows Picoway to be used for a variety of indication, such as Tattoo removal, Pigmentations, photo-ageing, wrinkle and pigmentation. Picoway laser system unique feature is that its built in ability to perform auto-calibration before each treatment, to ensure consistent energy is being delivered during each treatment session, thus securing better safety and effectiveness. Best Pico Laser Malaysia

Directory: Clinic with PICOWAY Laser 2020/2021:

Picoway: KL / Selangor

3) Top 3 Best Pico Laser Treatment: FOTONA Starwalker PQX Picolaser, Europe

The Starwalker PCX Picolaser system is another Top pico second laser. It is built by FOTONA, another globally renown and reputable laser system manufacturer from Europe. Fotona Starwalker PCX pico laser is reliable, and renown for being consistent and stable. It has the highest pico power and energy, as well as the shortest pico pulse width. Never let this petite machine fool you. The PCX is a beast in disguise. 

Fotona Startwalker PCX: Johor

Make sure you “GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR”

The next time you decided to get Pico Laser Treatment, insist you get the best Pico Laser Treatment worth the price you are paying for. Insist on Discovery Pico, PicoWay or Fotona PCX Pico Laser. 

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