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Platelet Rich Plasma | PRP Malaysia

Unlock the healing potential within you

Many civilisations throughout history attempt to use blood to preserve youthfulness. Some even to the extent of sacrificing children to extract “young blood”. Fast forward to recent days, our obsession to stay young hasn’t changed and using blood to preserve youthfulness is still practice in the form of Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment. Since made famous by celebrity, none other than Kim Kardashian, the popularity of PRP treatment in Malaysia has risen significantly and most aesthetic clinics in Malaysia are offering this treatment as a core service.

PRP MALAYSIA | What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet rich plasma, or in short PRP is a treatment used widely to treat sport related tendon, joints and muscle injuries, aged-related knee degeneration (osteoarthritis) and hard to heal ulcers or wound. Because of its natural healing properties, PRP treatment is now commonly used in the field of aesthetic medicine, as a way to keep us looking young. What exactly is PRP?

To understand what is PRP, we have to first understand the component of our blood. Blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. Plasma is colourless watery fluid that does not contain any cells. Platelets are cells shaped like the dinner plates, hence its name. Platelet plays a crucial role in clots formation and wound healing because it contains many essential growth factors. During the healing process, platelets are activated. This lead to release of these growth factors that initiate the healing process.

Blood typically have 6% platelets, whereas a well prepared PRP typically has 1-3 times more platelets concentration. Using a proper PRP kit (RegenLab® USA / MyCells®), harvested blood is centrifuged at high speeds to separate the blood into different layers. The lighter platelet-containing plasma floats to the top while the heavier red blood cells sink to the bottom. The plasma containing all the goodness is then harvested and is now ready to be used for treatment.

PRP MALAYSIA | How is PRP used in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, PRP is commonly used on the face, neck and scalps. In fact, PRP can be used on any part of the body that needs some tender loving care. The growth factors within the PRP promote natural skin healing and collagen formation. As a result, you get young and radiance skin. This is truely a natural way of anti-ageing as it uses your body’s own material and the results are gradual and all natural. PRP is also extensively used to treat various hair loss problems and the result of PRP treatment for hair loss is promising.

PRP can be injected into the skin directly either by manual syringe and needle technique or by using a automatic injector. Many aesthetic practitioner in Malaysia combines PRP treatment with other medical aesthetic treatments such as lasers, micro-needling or radiofrequency treatments to achieve better results.

PRP MALAYSIA | What are the benefits of PRP?

For better results, you may have consecutive three to four sessions of PRP, once a fortnight or once a month, then followed by 3-6 monthly maintainance treatment. As PRP promotes natural healing, the effect of PRP is gradual and may not be as drastic as that of Botox ® or dermal fillers.

Benefits of PRP treatment
PRP MALAYSIA | What is the process of PRP Treatment
PRP Malaysia | Hair Loss Treatment
PRP MALAYSIA | Is there any risk for PRP treatment?

No other aesthetic treatment can rival the safety profile of PRP, PRP Treatment uses your own body material. Short term adverse effects are mainly due to the injection rather than PRP itself. After the treatment, it is common to have a few small bruise, mild redness and swelling. These will usually subside within couple of hours to days. Serious adverse effect from PRP is almost unheard of.

Transmission of blood-borne illness such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C is a potential risk with PRP treatment if it is not done in a sterile and clean manner. We strongly advice against performing PRP treatment at beauty spa and centre. Ensure your PRP treatment is performed under clean and sterile environment.

PRP MALAYSIA | How much does it cost for PRP treatment in Malaysia

PRP treatment price in Malaysia ranges between RM800 – RM1500 per treatment. This price varies depending on location and clinic popularity as well as the PRP preparation kit being used. In order to cut cost and offer PRP treatment at a more appealing price, certain centres opted to use regular blood sampling tubes (those used when you go for a blood check up) for PRP harvesting. These tube are meant for lab use and not designed for PRP harvesting. Certain tube does contain harmful chemical meant for lab use only and should not be injected back to our body. The practice of using regular blood sampling tubes for PRP treatments in Malaysia is not uncommon and we advice you to be vary of this when you decide to go bargain hunting for PRP treatment. 

PRP MALAYSIA | Where can you get PRP Treatment?

PRP treatment is a core-service provided by most medical aesthetic clinics in Malaysia. You should only perform PRP treatment in a registered clinic as PRP should be perform in a clean environment. Ensure that your doctor uses a proper PRP preparation kit to process the PRP to ensure the treatment is safe and effective. Never be shy to ask your doctor to show you the PRP preparation kit prior to your treatment. After all, you should get what you paid for. 


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