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Ultherapy vs HIFU – Which is better?

Ultherapy vs HIFU - Which is Better?

Ultherapy and HIFU are non-surgical skin facelift treatment that uses ultrasound technology. They are 2 of the most popular anti-aging treatments available in Malaysia. They both remain one of the most effective non-invasive treatments to give you a firm and lifted face. Both use somewhat similar technology. The technology is called High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, commonly known as HIFU. HIFU is a technological breakthrough, offering people a non-invasive option to a surgical facelift

HIFU and Ultherapy are somewhat similar, but they have their fundamental differences. Comparing Ultherapy vs. HIFU is like comparing a smartphone vs. a basic mobile phone (Example: Nokia 3310). They are technology somewhat similar, being both uses ultrasound wave to perform the actual treatment. However, there are critical differences in functionality that can significantly affect the outcome of the treatment.

What Are The Differences Between HIFU and Ultherapy?

HIFU refers to the medical technology of putting ultrasound energy through an acoustic lens to focus multiple ultrasonic sound waves onto a targeted area. The ultrasound wave passes through the tissue, and the energy of the focused soundwave is translated to beneficial thermal energy on the deeper layers of the skin. Ultimately, a HIFU treatment’s thermal energy shall denaturize the old collagen and stimulate new collagen production deep under the skin. This will result in skin rejuvenation as well as skin lifting.

So what is unique about Ultherapy compared to conventional HIFU?

To begin with, Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved HIFU machine that lifts and tightens the neck, chin, and brow and improves lines and wrinkles on the chest. Ultherapy is a brand of a HIFU device that is used worldwide to lift and tighten the skin non-surgically. 

The critical difference between Ultherapy treatment and other HIFU is that it is typically performed with real-time ultrasound imaging. Ultherapy’s patented DeepSEE visualization technology allows doctors to see and identify skin tissue layers being treated. This ensures safety as well as the effectiveness of the treatment. Doctors can visualize and avoid any critical structure such as artery and vein to prevent damage during treatment. 

Ultherapy has extensive clinical studies to prove that it can consistently achieve 60-70 degree Celcius to denature the old collagen. It is extremely effective in lifting the skin from inside out. 

Ultherapy vs HIFU: HIFU, on the other hand;

HIFU machine mainly focuses on using the technology to deliver the ultrasound energy into the skin to provide the treatment. It basically does not allow the doctor to identify in real-time the skin tissue layer needed to treat. In other words, the treatment is performed blindly.

There are also limited clinical studies other than manufacturer data to prove its safety and effectiveness. In fact, none of the HIFU machines in the market has FDA clearance other than Ultherapy.

Which is better, Ultherapy or HIFU?

The efficacy and safety of Ultherapy have been well demonstrated in many clinical studies. Ultherapy is FDA-cleared. 

Although the cost of Ultherapy treatment is generally higher than HIFU, Ultherapy provides you a safe and clinically-proven result. If you are considering a HIFU skin lifting treatment, be sure to choose a clinic that uses Ultherapy. Before you embark on your Ultherapy treatment, be sure it is authentic and genuine. How to tell if it is real Ultherapy?