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Pico Laser Malaysia


What is Pico Second Laser (Pico Laser)

Picosecond lasers are a new generation of laser devices, designed to treat skin hyperpigmentation and removal of unsightly tattoos. Compared to its predecessor, the nanosecond lasers Q-switch lasers, picosecond lasers produce a laser with shorter pulse duration. This shorter pulse duration makes picosecond lasers more powerful and promises better safety, comfort as well as better treatment efficacy.

Advantages of Pico Second vs. Nano Second Laser (PICTURE)
  1. Safer
  2. More comfortable treatment
  3. More effective treatment

What is the indication of Pico Second Laser?

 1) Tattoo Removal

Picosecond lasers are beneficial to clear off black, blue, and green tattoo inks. They are more effective than conventional Q-switch lasers. Pico lasers are great for tattoos that are not responding to treatment with traditional nanosecond Q-switch lasers.

 2) Skin hyperpigmentation problems, such as melasma, Nevus of Ota, Lentigo, and Freckles

Pico lasers are useful when it comes to the treatment of certain skin hyperpigmentation. Skin problems such as; Melasma, Ota’s Nevus, Freckles, and lentigo can benefit from pico laser treatment.

 3) Acne scars, wrinkles and skin photoaging (with Fractional handpiece – available with particular pico laser system)

Some pico laser system comes with a fractional handpiece that could help skin tissue remodeling and facilitate new collagen formation. Fractionated pico laser treatment is best in the treatment of acne scars, wrinkles, and skin photoaging.

Why is Pico Laser more superior, compared to Q-switch Lasers?

 1) Due to its short pulse duration, the pico laser produces less heat during treatment. Less heat during treatment translates to a more comfortable procedure, reduces collateral tissue injury by the heat generated, and ultimately reduces the side effect of laser treatment.

2) Some pico laser systems can produce laser-induced optical breakdown (LiOB) of the skin tissue. LiOB is a crucial feature of pico laser treatment when it comes to using pico laser in the treatment of acne scars and skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.

3) its short pulse duration also improve pico laser’s ability to fractionate ink pigment particles as well as melanin.

There are many standards of pico laser systems available in the market. Of course, some are more superior than others. Read more about the best pico laser in Malaysia, which pico laser system you should insist on, and get the most value from your hard earn cash. Always remember, pico laser is a powerful treatment. Hence, you should only seek treatment from a qualified medical aesthetic doctor or a trained dermatologist. Beware of skin laser centres or skincare centres providing such services as they are not under the supervision of the ministry of health. Hence, the safety of these treatments is unknown. Learn more about how to differentiate a certified clinic and a skin and laser centre (beauty saloon).

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